Review for A Mirror Becomes a Razor When It's Broken

A Mirror Becomes a Razor When It's Broken

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2009-01-17


That was so fucking dark and twisted. Honestly, it made me shiver a little. How could Gerard be so...evil. And cold. And disturbed. How did you make him so cold, evil and disturbed? That is some talent there. I really liked it. Continue? Please? Wow.

-Emily xo.

Author's response

Hi, thnak youu =] Yeah, it's not really talent, it's just random jitters of inspiration. And then it's gone and I'm stuck with one awesome chapter and the other ones are just...ew. I know this story is interesting and it's too open-ended if I leave it at this, but um...I dunno, maybe I'll have to. I'd rather have readers wonder what's gonna happen next than you know, like getting bored by the end of the next chapter.

Anyway, ily, you read like all my stories =] Write more of yours.