Review for Unspeakable


(#) Chicago-Kid 2009-01-28

You need something annoyingly teenie now though (sorry to wreck the cool comments above):

But something written to Mikey

It'd be like,

To Mikey,
I heard about your shooting on the news, and I was OMGing on a new record. I hope you pull through coz you're totally the sexiest man ever! (even hotter than Nick Jonas and Pete Wentz omg!)


P..S: I hope you are okay for the concert coming up to Cali, coz I 'll be waiting for you.

Okay, I would never send that anywhere but here. That would be so embarrassing. Hahaha, but yeah

Author's response

Oh man, I was seriously laughing at that. Yeah, you definitely gotta have the teenie ones in there as well as the others.