Review for The shortest Severitus story ever

The shortest Severitus story ever

(#) Ithilwen 2005-11-27

What the... Forgive me; I'm not quite a member of HP fandom. I suppose "Independant!Harry" means "Harry inexplicably hates Dumbledore for 'manipulating' him and resents him without mitigation from the closeness and trust that they once shared"? If not, then a heads-up might be nice.

Hm... The ending could be stronger. Perhaps if Dumbledore's tracker were a bit more like Mrs. Weasley's clock, and we got a more vivid message than a "large amount of pain." Perhaps something like, "being squished by Gringotts vault," or "being squished into lunch for Gringotts Goblin Cafeteria." Heh heh.


One turns over a "new leaf," but one gets a "new lease" on life.

Did Lily "confine with" Dumbledore or "confide in" him?