Review for Harry Potter and the Sun Source

Harry Potter and the Sun Source

(#) daled73 2009-02-08

OK, how about a full blown Family Reunion at Hogwarts, eh?

Chuin and Remo BOTH drop by to see how the young 'un is handling his assignment, and maybe have a few "discussions" with the Headmaster over certain clauses and conditions in the "Standard Contract" with the House of Sinanju???

Maybe the details of the "Treacherous Client Clause" could be used to good effect in deflating Albus ego, not to mention terrifing Snape, McG., etc, while delighting Filius.

Something just tells me that Bro. Flitwick has some i depth knowledge about the House of Sinanju that is just waiting to crop up in this story somewhere, and perhaps create a situation where he has Harry's back covered at a crucial point?