Review for Elementary Calculations

Elementary Calculations

(#) Meteoricshipyards 2009-02-12

This story was just referenced in Caer Azkaban, which led me back to re-read the last chapter. Surprised, and apologetic I didn't review it when I first read it.

Excellent story. Love how Harry recognizes when Dumbles wins, and gets around it anyway.

I was expecting that Harry's mail was being intercepted by Dumbles when he turned down Sirius' offer to spend the holidays with him. I guess that would be a bit too blatant for the headmaster.

The train ride was funny.

I do wonder how Harry will react in a few years when hormones start kicking in. I can see this Harry either being overwhelmed when he confuses intimacy with love or else a cold hearted user of women to get his own pleasure (but intelligent about it; giving so as to keep the supply coming).

Thanks for the story. Hope you update soon.

Tom A.