(#) Cateagle 2009-02-13

Damn, that was a strong and poignant bit. I'd wish his death at the end had been faked with the aid of another wand, or a staff, so that he could escape somewhere to live on his own, but I can see why he'd not be willing to endure living any longer when all of those he cared about were waiting for him on the other side. Of course, this does now set up a "What now, Dumbnuts? You've eliminated both young men who could've fufilled the prophecy so how do you stop Tom now?" That could be an interest sequel to play with.

Author's response

Thank you. I also wish the death could have, but he's got nothing left. Dumbledore intended all along to sacrifice Harry, and so, He simply did it a bit sooner than the old bastard expected.

If I do write a second page to this, I'm going to use your title: 'What now, Dumbnuts?' It's too good to pass up!

As for the prophesy, while Harry is the only one who can actually vanquish Voldemort, if the wizarding world can get together and deny him the resources he needs to wage his war, if they execute his Deez instead of simply allowing them to buy their freedom for a bagful of gold, then, maybe, he can be kept in check. If only one in a hundred thousand, is a magic user, then there are more than seventy thousand witches and wizards in Britain. Voldy has what? 300+/-? Some odds there! even if those under 16 are discounted, that means he's still outnumbered by about 140:1. Grins