Review for On the Fourteenth of February

On the Fourteenth of February

(#) jabarber69 2009-02-15

great story...but why the hell didnt hermione stay! all four of them would of made a great foursome!

Author's response

Thank you very much!

As to why Hermione didn't stay:

a) It's wise to be cautious about adding another person to one's relationship.

b) It's natural to be cautious about becoming romantically involved with an old and dear friend.

c) It's nothing short of terrifying to start a romantic relationship again after having one's heart completely shattered. Doubly so, in Hermione's case, because she'd always thought of Ron as one of her two best friends, and now she's contemplating being involved with her other best friend and his fiancées.

We know that Ron's an idiot and she should have been with Harry and his ladies in the first place, of course, but it's going to take her a while to realise that, and longer to accept it. ;-)