Review for Bushels of Bad Habits

Bushels of Bad Habits

(#) xpurplediamondsx 2009-02-15

new reader!!

Hey i'm Amanda. :]

That scene was definitly misleading... aww i thought that Ryan was gonna tell Stephanie that he liked her.. oh well.. you can't always get what you want i guess. haha.. and it's a good thing that Ryan told Mrs. Fitzergeld about Stephanie's dyslexia.. if that's how you spell it.. haha.. he would obviously miss her if she would've been expelled.. i hope that the kids at school don't make fun of her because of her trouble with reading and writing.. and when is Stephanie gonna beak up with poor ol' Spencer?.. poor kid.. and yeah.. why haven't any of the kids that have asked Ryan for Stephanie's number called her yet?? hmm.. maybe because he didn't give them her number because he likes her and doesn't want anybody else to have her.. yeah i think that's why! haha :} add more soon!!! :)