Review for Battered Hearts

Battered Hearts

(#) Wonderbee31 2009-02-17

The brain creature in the DoM huh? You know, like so many other things, I always wondered about that, but it seemed to basically drop off the map after that first thing, much like the door, and so many other things that JKR into'd and then dropped. Was fun to see how Harry went into the sitch, and how he and Viktor seemed to get on, as well as he and Hermione and thier time together, as two people who've always had the potential but never quite got there, but with the siblings gone, I could see them getting on as time goes on.

Author's response

Thanx, as always, for reading and reviewing. Yep, yet another underdeveloped plot device falls into my devious little hands. . .
Now the question becomes, who's the brain behind the brains?
E-vile laugh.