Review for Battered Hearts

Battered Hearts

(#) twilliams1797 2009-02-21

Aha! the connection.. who has been driving Ron all those years,and how?

somehow the confrontation with the three thugs sounds familiar, dii
d you use that elsewhere?
no matter, great story as usual.. not going to throw any IWWH shocks in there for us to get hyper about?.

philosophical question section:

what does it say about us as readers of fanfiction, that we get upset at the abuse or mistreatment of a character?
I, personally would hate any story where Hermione is abused, without cause, and she is just a figment of electrons and dreams, not even a real person.


Author's response

Thank you, as always, for reading and reviewing.
As for who’s been driving Ron, you really don’t want me to answer that, not just yet anyway.
I have written Harry as a low-key, ice-water in his veins badass before, but the “Thug scene” was unique to this story. Perhaps you read the original version, which I collaborated on for GuitarGurl? Same scene.
No, no Earth Goddess world shattering shocks in this story, it’s just a little detective story centered around people we know and love.
When I first described the Hermione rape scene with GuitarGurl she was adamant that that particular scene was central to the story – and yes, we do tend to own our characters, even to the point where we feel their pain. It shows a level of empathy, even for imaginary people, and that’s not a bad thing.
slight spoiler Harry is terrified that his work persona, the ruthless, dangerous, unfeeling badass, will someday bleed into his ‘real world.’
Make of that what you will!