Review for I'm Not A Hero

I'm Not A Hero

(#) canustakemyheart 2009-02-26

Of course comic books are a unique medium but just your whole story line and everything have that vibe, ya know? The pacing too ... like there obviously aren't long ass "chapters" in comic books - the details, descriptions and dialogs have to be done a certain way to "work" in the format and compliment the visual aspect. But as I've been reading this story, I can almost see the "cells" in my head of what images would go with your descriptions. It's cool.

And I thought that was a fitting reward for Hernandez.

Author's response

Yes, there's a major difference in that I have to describe stuff because there are no visuals, but it's really cool that you are getting impressions about how it would look!

Glad you're happy with what happened to Hernandez - he was a nasty piece of work and, of course, some way down the line, after he's had plenty of time to go insane, will be the next Dreamcatcher.

Thanks for the review, as ever!! :D

Sas x