Review for I Will Be With You

I Will Be With You

(#) Life_goes_on 2009-03-08

Reminds me of... me.

Not that I have a Gerard Imaginary Friend, heh...

But I could relate to it, because I too have Gee-Gee OCD... I feel like I know the Narrator intimately now. Nice writing.

Teensy suggestion; A darker scenery would pull harder on the reader's heartstrings. Example being: A careless family would hurt more than an oblivious, stupid careing family. Maybe throw in a crappy house and some drug influence? Jus' sayin' ^^

And thank you for not using too much drama. Too much sappy, mushy depressing tends to have a backfire on the very readers who love that stuff. You used a the right words for the realistic effect, dattebayo =3