Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) jabarber69 2009-03-16

Hey thank you for this outstanding sequel...I remember reading the firs part and thinking how sad! but today saw one of your stories was being featured on ficwad and remembering your author name as one I liked checked out your profile and found this story!

I figured that with the queen involvement that dumbydork would of at least gone to prison, and the most important thing is...I know you wrote that voldie recieved alot of pain, but remember the prophecy states that one has to kill to the other to survie so with harry dead, wouldnt that leave voldie, even though he was in his wraith form, he could still come back, with his horcruxes, so where is he?

Author's response

Heya. Jabarber.

Thanks. I appreciate your reading, and enjoying my scribblings.

The biggest problem with Dumbledore, is that he's made himself practically invulnerable, politically speaking. Dumbles is the one who has trained nearly every witch or wizard in Britain for the last hundred or so years, and has carefully cultivated his omnipotence throughout the British WW. His fan base is even bigger than Harry's.

With the separation of the Muggle and wizarding worlds, the queen has very little real power in the magical world.(Something IMNSHO that should be corrected.) Besides, having Dumbledore rotting in prison, would ensure he was incapable of resistance when the much weaker Voldemort did return.

I also believe the Prophesy has already been fulfilled. The 'either must die at the hand of the other', could be seen as baby Harry being the one who killed off Voldy. (Even though his disassociated spirit continued on.)

As to the horcruxes, one(Harry) is accounted for, and two more are probably so. With the incarceration of Lucky Lucy and the flower, Malfoy manor would have been seized. If so, it most definitely would have been searched and the dark artifacts under the drawing room floor would have been discovered. The same holds true for Grimmauld place. Since Sirius died, and he was the only MALE heir, (Walburga's wishes irrespective) his famly line is now ended.

While this is conjecture, I'd assume the charms would eventually fail, and the house would become known to people. Once the ministry became aware of that, they'd investigate, and seize that house as well. The same type of search would ensure and the locket would be discovered and taken by the DoM.

After sufficient study, I'm certain they could discover what the horcruxes are, and locate/destroy them. (There's nothing in the prophesy that says somebody else cannot destroy them.)

As for Voldy, He's still in Albania, only much weaker.

Thanks for the insightful questions.