Review for Rocking The Boat

Rocking The Boat

(#) Billichu 2009-03-16

I just LOVE your fanfics! god! I've read them so much times, I just love this pairing! Thanks, because of your fanfics I am addicted xD hahaha.
The proof? Yesterday I went to bed late, I was going to sleep and then I look at the RSSfeed... oh god, I couldn't resist, I just had to read this! So... I didn't sleep last night, I finished to read at 5.30 AM (because I'm Chilean so for me is more difficult to read in English) and I have to wake up to go school at 6.00 AM everyday... xD
But, I don't regret, because your stories are just AWESOME. >w<

Hope you'll write more! --- you're awesome!!!

Author's response

Oh, you're so sweet! That's the nicest review ever! I wasn't sure on continuing this story, but maybe I will....I'm definately going to write more Guns fics, though. Thanks!