(#) BenRG 2009-03-24

Y'know, this is a completely average "Harry Gets A Clue About Hermione" story in almost every respect. BTW - I do like your portrayal of Hermione being more incisive and daring than Harry when it comes to romance. It is something that is very in-character.

However, what really makes this story stand out, what earns it its 'Original' rating from me, is that you make Ron out to be a normal boy with honest feelings. Too often in H/Hr, Ron is portrayed as some kind of predator only interseted in Hermione because he wants something of Harry's or simply because he wants a 'shag'. Here you show a Ron with genuine feelings for Hermione but has been forced to deal with the fact that she belongs to someone else. After all, if you really love someone, you have to be willing to let them go.

Author's response

Thank you...I think. Yes, it s rather lukewarm, but this is actually one of the very first HP stories I'd written. I've always seen Hermione as a strong and determined young lady. She sees something wrong and tries to fix it.

When I wrote it I did not dislike Ron as much as I do now. Even now,I sometimes limit the Ron-bashing, although I usually see him as like a pro ball player. He sees the candy and goes out to get it, assuming nobody else sees him doing it.

As a teenager, I was in love with a lot of girls, none of which were in love with me. So Ron's decision is actually mine.

I'm working on a long Azkaban fic where Ron isn't such a shallow prick.