Review for Harry Potter and YASMWTS

Harry Potter and YASMWTS

(#) dennisud 2009-03-27

Do I see A future trio in the offing?
And Ceiliegh seems very close to Tom!

I'm also loving the fact that Mille's Sytherin's head of house. Her imposing nature should keep them in line especially after that speech!

We'll we see Um-toad also, maybe being an idiot as usual?


Author's response

- No, not really.

- Well, yeah. He took a beating for her, AND his mum is her hero...

- As I saw it, Snape got the gig as soon as he got his Mastery, why not Millie... Especially when there is no doubt in anyone's mind that she's likely to react physically before she thinks magically. How better to keep the old school Slytherins in line?

- No, no Umbridges will be used to terrorize children in this story (well, none beyond Delores' niece)