Review for Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual

Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual

(#) daled73 2009-03-30

Hi Clell,

As a fan of pretty long standing, I feel the need to try to inspre you to think about you many open stories, which we are waiting for updates on.

I know that this can be difficult, especially for a non-professional writier, and even pros have tough patches when writing.

But with HO, DS,SS,IT,I,and even YSE..., I would rather see a new Chapter somehere than a cute little Bunny who will probably never grow into a story of its own, although there are, we acknowledge, exceptions.



Author's response

- I have been going through a long blockage on my longer stories, most specifically with Distaff Side, and have been working through the oneshots to shake the words loose.

- Distaff has started to work again, and I've actually got a few hundred words going on chapter 12. In the case my muse deserts me again, I've got a delightful little bunny on deck, a Vernon/Fleur ship...