Review for Harry Potter and YASMWTS

Harry Potter and YASMWTS

(#) BJH 2009-03-30

Really, really nice chapter. You've given us some great character development in all the characters.

I am wondering when the Merlinettes go to the castle will they retain their own memories? And how long will it take for their research to be completed?

this is obviously not going to be a short tale so it could be years down the road.

You also get kudos for Millie. I thought she had to be someone from canon the way you weren't telling us her name and I was wondering all along if she was a purist or not. You left it delightfully ambiguous until her time in the tower alone. I wonder if she knows that Harry is HARRY and not his son? I am wondering how long before she is deeply embroiled in the developing plot?

Again really well done.


Author's response

- It's going to be a long tale, but not a long story. With this chapter, I'm done with first year and next will be either fourth or fifth. Then 7th year, then 25, then finally, their 40th birthdays for a wrap up. so 4 more chapters.

- Millie looks at Harry and sees the Harry she remembers from first year, sans scar, she (like a goodly portion of the population) that Harry Longbottom is the Son of Harry Potter, and that Tom is his fraternal twin... The only ones who know Harry is Harry and Tom is Tom are the core of the DA the bulk of whom are oath bound to never speak of it, Minerva, Poppy, Pomona and Filius.

- as far as the plot goes, there isn't really one, to tell you the truth, the story is Harry and Tom growing up.