Review for Women.


(#) Martrydom 2009-04-04

A version someone wrote (:

"i just changed some sentences around...

We’re men, and we get what we want. tousled hair, lips, eyes, abs. How our chests guide your eyes to a feast of tone and build. A intoxicating, hypnotizing scent that will leave you with a sense of protection and stability in you life. Eyes that become playful to honest at any given time, sizing you up, making you feel like a beauty queen to a worthless tramp in ten seconds flat. Maybe even less. Even our lips, how they tug upwards in a smile, or downwards in mock anger. Us men can make you want to give it up in a second. Our fingers trailing to your collarbone to your waist, teasing, prying. Deep down, we are in charge. Deny it all you want, you can’t reject the reality of it. We have you at hello and we can still own you at goodbye. You may own our body, but we own your heart. Our ego is our only set-back. Think about it. The respect and fame of a man can lead a women to give up her life to be a part of his. Most of all, you want us. You want us bad. You know why? Because we’re men, and we get what we want."