Review for Bushels of Bad Habits

Bushels of Bad Habits

(#) smilin_tj 2009-04-07

OMG!!! Ok I haven't finished reading it. I had to cover the screen & just quickly write a review coz I really want this moment of anticipation to last as long as possible!!!! Just like when you get to that part in a book and it makes you squeal & throw the book down & dance a happy jig coz youre so excited for whats gonna happen? Yeah well I'm doing that right now. Except I didn't throw my iPhone on the ground.

Omgomgomgomg!!!! What's gonna happen now after she just let that slip!!!! Oh oh oh I really really hope what I think will happen happens!!!! BEST CHAPTER EVER!!!!!!!! the only thing I HATE is that you make me not wanna post my fanfic coz you're SUCH an awesome writer & it makes mine look terrible. Oh & I also hate that this chapter probably won't be the last which means I'll have to wait for an update.

OK!!! Now I'm gonna finish reading it. Oh so excited!!!!