Review for Untitled Character's

Untitled Character's

(#) kelly-khaos 2009-04-08

Name: Kelly

Looks: Light to medium brown, brown eyes (that change color. to usually match my hair), 5 ft 5 in tall (or whatever you need it to be :D ). I wear lots of jeans and t-shirts. Usually band tees.

Personality: Fun, mostly Happy, friendly, sarcastic, smart.

Any other useful information(hobbies, fav items etc):
Hobbies: Listening to music, discovering new bands, reading (a lot)
Fav items: My iPod, and my Converse.

Info about your characters past(# of siblings, issues, any info): 1 Sister. Grew up in California. Traveled the country a good bit. My only parent is my dad. My past is a slight bit weird.

If you happen to get paired with a my chem who would you choose: Gerard (duh) but everyone in my chem is awesome so it doesn't matter

And yeah... that's about it.