Review for Untitled Character's

Untitled Character's

(#) frankismyhomefry 2009-04-08

Name: Katie but also goes by Ryn(kathryn)

Looks: Dark brown hair. cut like cassadee from hey monday. bright blue eyes. 5'3. loves skinny jeans. and some skirts. loves wearing heels or ballet flats

Personality: fairly quiet until im comforable aroudn people. outgoing in some aspects. loves to play pranks. has trust issues. defensive and protective over those she loves. very nurturing and mother like

Any other useful information(hobbies, fav items etc): music, singing, piano, photography, writing

Info about your characters past(# of siblings, issues, any info): no siblings. was molested as a kid but has never told anyone. thats why she has trust issues especially with men.

If you happen to get paired with a member of MCR who would you choose: frank or mikey