Review for Harry Potter and the Werewolf From Hell

Harry Potter and the Werewolf From Hell

(#) Brian64 2009-04-11

An interesting first chapter and one that I'm glad I've read (thanks Red for the rec).

Lav being sorted into Ravenclaw with Harry was a surprise, and suggests that she may be a friend or maybe a future girlfriend. If so, excellent! I've been looking for a good Harry & Lavender story for a while.

Then again, if he's an alpha wolf, he'll probably form his own harem- I mean, pack. Oh well, something that probably won't even be an issue for a couple of years at least. It's almost a shame about the 11 year old age limit for turning wizards. It suggests that he can't turn any of his friends so that they can gain the same benefits that he has.

I'm also curious about Remus. I though he was bitten as a child before going to Hogwarts, yet (in canon at least) transformations weren't optional for him.

Intriguing tale, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.