Review for Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

(#) moocow 2009-04-12

I'm finally caught up and I'm determined to leave the longest review in the history of reviews. First off, Gabe needs to stay the hell away from Soap (and ind me, fuck me and give me another baby for my collection XD). Seriously, and you better not be planning on pulling a mooow and kill babies, because then I'l be very upset with you. Secondly, I do believe that it may be a girl, only because I know you and you wouldn't go with the ciche 'Wentz baby boy' thing. Anyways, Ciara's Never Ever came on right as I got to the DVD part, and it totally fit... I was feeling the emotions girl. OK, to your questions.
BNDpD: FOOL. I was at the first US tour date and it was /amazing/. Being one of the first people to hear "What a Catch" live was breathtaking. That was also the night I met 3/5ths of Cobra, meeting Gabe for the fourth time. He recognized me too, asking me if I was cupcake girl (which I am). :]. Tying that to the new Cobra song, they played it and Pete ran across stage during it, and that made pretty much the pit so much more horrible. >__