Review for Atleast we got eachother, [frerard]

Atleast we got eachother, [frerard]

(#) mcrobsessed 2009-04-15

omg i thought this sounded familier and as soon as i read the sure as a sure person bit i knew it was u christie i should have really looked at the name first lol update soon please

oh and btw its jade XD

Author's response

Here's the thing..
I felt like telling you through this so yeah..
I only have up to whatever chapter was the last one on bebo..
Then a coupla the next few were saved on my laptop, which due to the fact it's dead.. I cannot recover to send or upload anywhere. I've written a LOT more on paper though..
So when I get my laptop back, I can upload as many at once as you like. ;D
Love you Hifeeeey! x