Review for Taking a Mulligan

Taking a Mulligan

(#) JBern 2006-08-28

I missed the last bit of farscape seeing up to the end of the series and missing the peacekeeper wars. Your story is a very interesting one. Nice twist making the wormhole John used to return to the past the cause of his original problem. Well done indeed. I am curious if Hermione Weasley provided other objects. In her shoes, I would have sent a pensieve full of memories and books/journals to her younger self. The painting is a good touch. I wish you the best of luck with this story and you get kudos for simply attempting such an unusual crossover.


Author's response

Peacekeeper Wars is worth the price of a video rental if you can swing it; a lovely culmination to the horrid cliffhanger the series left us on.

I had thought of the pensieve idea, and will probably mention one as part of the horcrux hunt (how better to plan strategy that to be able to SEE the protections each one has?). The horcruxes, though, will be a sideline issue from here forward; after all, where's the drama in finding objects where the hunters can now know what they are, where they are, and how to get to them safely?

The challenge I am writing this story for only specified "take John Crichton and drop him into your new fandom obsession." At first, I couldn't see any way for these two fandoms to believably cross over, but then this little plot bunny bit me. The readers of my Farscape fanfiction are all looking at me a bit funny these days when I tell them what I'm working on. Not sure I blame them; on the surface, this seems like such a silly crossover idea.