Review for In The Blink Of An Eye

In The Blink Of An Eye

(#) Jaebi_Lit 2005-05-15

The formatting for this story is messed up, starting from about halfway through. The lines are broken up and something's wrong with the quote marks. If you can, could you please fix this? It makes the fic slightly difficult to read.

Author's response

Ugh, never saw this until today -- sorry!

The quote marks are actually all right -- at the time I wrote the fic, I had my computer set to (my native) German standard, and they're in perfect accordance with German rules, sorry. :)

As for the formatting, it seems as if the uploader can't handle documents already in html; I've now switched to uploading .docs with manually-inserted tags. Maybe I ought to reupload the whole thing ... one day, if/when I have time to reformat. :)