Review for The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

(#) Cocoa_girl 2009-04-22

I hope that Harry runs into the Klingons again soon. I like that Harry seems to just fit in with them. Also will Harry somehow find a way to train in magic so that when he does go back to his own time, because I know he will he can finally take down Voldemort. Was the person who set off and killed so many people that day did they do it to kill Voldemort and his people because they were getting out of hand and if he wasn't killed Voldemort would have seceded in taking over earth? And all the other people killed, where just collateral damage? When Harry goes back he can prevent that from happening.

Author's response

Oh Harry will run into the Klingons again, but it's going to be a while. Harry's going to deal with 'ol moldy, I'm just not gonna say exactly how just yet, mainly because I haven't worked out all the details. As for the Missing wizarding world, an explanation is coming soon, I promise.