Review for The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

(#) juggler196 2009-04-23

I like it. I would have enjoyed a bit more detail in regards to the 'fight scene', but then again i've always been a fan of any brawl scene where harry truly kicks/scares the snot of any of his contemporaries (usually draco and co.). It's obvious that you've got a story that's going to span many years, and like that your style allows you to move throug the time-frame at a good pace while putting enough details in to keep your readers interested and informed.

Author's response

Well, I did partially write one up, however I couldn't seem to get across the level of lethality that Harry was holding back from, not to mention It just didn't seem to fit into the chapter at all. so I junked it. Perhaps one day I'll redo some of the chapters and expand and polish what I have up now. However I have a ton of ideas for the plot that some people have managed to figure out and other pretty major pieces only one other person knows and she's not telling.