Review for The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

(#) keichan2 2009-04-23

I don't know much about Klingons, so I wonder if the discoloration on the blade have a known meaning, or if it just something you came up with. What I'm certain, though, is that there is a meaning!

Ow... I would have LOVED to see what Harry did to the four idiots... :-D

I have to say I had totally forgotten about "Ron" (great name, by the way :-D)

Say, I wonder... did they think about protections? Because with Harry's luck, he'll soon be father... Though the way I feel you are writing this story, he will spend a long time in space, and it wouldn't be fair to Kim...

Please, update soon!

Author's response

Part of me wants to do something with the discoloration and another part is going leave it be. I've got a sword on the wall here that does have a discolored blade from spilling blood (great grandpaw was a freighter captain at Gallipoli and killed a couple of boarders that were trying to hijack the ship and take the cargo. Great guy, but utterly ruthless when it came to pirates)Anyway, that sword is where I got the idea from, but I'm still not sure how to go with it, if I go anywhere at all.

I did attempt to write out what happened between Harry and the Idiots, but it didnt really fit in with the chapter and I didnt feel that it properly showed ho outclassed they were and how much Harry was holding back.

Daddy Harry. Well Right now, I cant say if I'm going to go there or not. The Mrs. gave me the Evil Eye last time I mentioned it, and i have no desire to be eviscerated with a spork. Though IF I do decide to go there, there is only one way I could do it without getting beaten too badly.