Review for I'm In Love With My Own Sins

I'm In Love With My Own Sins

(#) xFallxOutxBoyxFanx 2009-04-27

Nooo, to be truthful after the first 2 paragraphs I was already on the verge of tears. I seriously had to turn on FOB to make myself believe that Patrick isn't dead. How could you do this though, kill Patrick on his birthday? Lol well he's not really dead and thats all that matters because if he was then my world would end and as pathetic as that sounds its quite true. Well good job on the story, I guess even though you KILLED Patrick, I guess I can forgive you since its a great story =] And I can't believe Andy would do something like that, totally surprised at that part.

Author's response

lol I'm glad you liked it and holy shi I didn't mean to post it on his bday my days have been running together so I didn't even realize what day it was O.o. I sorry Tricky wherever you are! But yes, I made myself cry when writing those bits lol. And thanks for the compliments on it being a great story, I appreciate it =)