Review for Battered Hearts

Battered Hearts

(#) siledubhghlase 2009-04-28

Sasha Karkaroff. Any relation to Igor? Still, do we know who killed who? Pardon my Nargles, but I got a bit confused there. And...the old boy wasn't pleased that Hermione's and Ron's baby isn't a boy. Doesn't Karkaroff know it's fun being a girl?

So they shut down the Cogs' server. Very clever.

Degreaser? Oh why not? LOL A very Dissolves grease and fat on contact! The Cognivores know no more and the data are free.

Okay, I realize this is not the end because we have to solve Hermione's family law issues and get her hitched with Harry. I hope Harry pounds the living snot out of Percy the Prat. The rest of the Weasleys better hope they had no idea Percy had tried to invoke those laws and if they did, they had nothing to do with it.

Hurricane Hermione bailed Harry out of a very ugly situation--twice. She fried a Cog that almost had Harry in its clutches and then cleaned

I thought it was cool how she took Harry's Occlumency walls down. A simple keystone. Funny how some of the most difficult questions and puzzles can be solved so simply. It's like hiding things in plain sight.

Great Chapter!

Author's response

Thanx for reading and reviewing, I’ll try to address your questions and concerns in order.
Yep, the Karkaroffs are related. Sasha was one of Grindlewald’s lieutenants and Igor Karkaroff’s dad.
Sasha, unfortunately, is from a culture that subjugates and denigrates women. Makes me wonder if misogynists ever had mums.
I hope to have Paul Kemp’s efforts recognized by magical Britain – it will certainly fly into the face of the pure-blood purists!
Yep, degreaser, a solution by both definitions of the word!
Harmony will hit Percy where it hurts the most, no, not there, satisfying as that would be. They will destroy his credibility, and any chances for a political future beyond that of lowly civil servant.
Hey, Hermione is finally with the man of her dreams, she’s not about to let him get away!
Thank you for noticing that, sometimes, the simple solution is the best.
One chappie to go.
Stay tuned!