Review for The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

(#) dennisud 2009-05-02

Interesting prophesy! And enough to go on for those who love both titles there's enough clues to see a whole lot of things happening!

Love to see Hermione and Luna even in letters, and I also see where you are going.


Author's response

Glad that you liked it. Plenty of clues for people to think that they know where I'm going with this but not actually know. That way when the path that this little monster is on suddenly tosses a nasty twist their way, they can look back and go "So that's what he was referring to" I've got two things coming up in a few chapters and the groundwork is already laid or being laid. I don't think that anyone has thought or really seen what I've got planned. My wife helped me get both worked out today and I don't think that anyone will see these really coming.