Review for The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

The Wizard on the Edge of Forever

(#) Cateagle 2009-05-02

Heh, Luna's letter was priceless and so typical of her (you nailed her style beautifully - congrats). The black and maroon is a nice hint of something that's not yet happened (and I'll bet they'll chuckle whne it goes). I've my suspicions about both the fanged one and the plaque and I'll be interested in seeing if I'm correct. Meanwhile, I most definitely think Harry should have that talk he and Hui discssed with the Poli-Sci instructor; if/when he happens to go back, 'twould be something useful to have with him (note, if/when he does go back, I hope he's able to take a few of his new acquisitions with him, but nothing that'll mess up technological development). You're taking this slowly and I'm both enjoying and appreciating as one who is an original Trekker (ST:TOS came out while I was in high school) and a HP fan.

Author's response

I'm glad that you liked it. writing Luna was interesting. mainly because I normally don't even think that way let alone write that way. I hope that your suspicions about what luna said pan out, mainly because I'm not telling as of yet. Should Harry go back, I know what he's taking with him and it will be surprising If I decide to go that route. I do wish that I had been able to see the show in first run. It's too bad that I wasn't around yet. I wasn't born till '69