Review for Turkish Dance

Turkish Dance

(#) dreamcatchersfic 2006-08-29

Awww. I do so love Reno and Rude. This was a great peek into their relationship, and you captured it beautifully. You obviously have a great grasp of writing, and all the mechanics that go with it. I know this place is geared towards concrit, but the only constructive criticism I could think to give would be to tighten. I think it's Stephen King who said, write, then go through and start cutting words, replacing two words with one, or looking for two scenes that could possibly be duplicating each other. (As if Stephen King should be a role model to anyone. The man rambles more than anyone I've seen.) :P

But that's a small nit-pick in a very moving story. I love seeing the closeness of these two. Reno's little 'I give' at the end made me grin. (Oh, I just thought of one thing that popped out at me, and that's the use of 'the redhead' as a descriptor. It's just something that stands out for me after reading countless stories where 'the ad exec pulled the blond artist into his arms' or somesuch, so I might be a little sensitive to it. [g])

All in all, a great story. Thanks for posting it!