Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) Sassy 2009-05-12

Yayy! I've missed this!

Another great chapter!! Tense and emotional. Loved the backstory from Matt's pov - he's really got an agenda going. I really hope he doesn't mess things up, but I have a feeling he'll try.

Love it! Absolutely love it!! :D

Sas x

Author's response

Hi there Sassy,

I'm sorry I took so long to update, I've already written part of the next chapter. Actually it was supposed to be in this chapter but after I started typing it didn't fit in anymore.

Thanks for thinking it was a great chapter it was really more of a filler before things start to really happen.

Yes Matt certainly has an agenda. Obsessed much? For now he's going to try to prove to Gerard he's the better friend, but we'll see what happens in future chapters.

The next few will be focusing more on Emily, we'll finally get to hear from the little girl at the center of all this.

Thanks so much for your review I really appreciate it. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.