Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) doyleangel 2009-05-12

I don't think I like Matt very much...but I think that's the point isn't it lol. I'm kinda worried about what Matt is up to too..

And I'm still torn about who Alyssa should be with. I hate being torn lol

update soon!

Author's response

Hi there doyleangel,

You know I love you (well not that kind of love) you know what I mean. You review all my stories and you can't even imagine how that makes me feel.

LOL, yeah that is the point. In his mind he feels justified as he feels that he's helping his friend, and feels that Ray should never have come back into Gerard's life. He's really jealous of Ray, obviously.

LOL, yeah both guys are really great and both seem to really love her. It's goint to be an interesting ride all the way to the end.

I have so much planned for this story I hope you stick with it. Next chapter we'll hear from Emily. I'm really looking forward to writing it all.

Thanks again for your kind words and taking your time to review. I know ficwad can be a pain to review on, even more of a pain to reply. Took me about eight times to respond. LOL!!! Enough of my ranting.

Thanks again.