Review for By Rights

By Rights

(#) Afuna 2006-08-30

Oh that was fun. My poor childhood memories will never be the same again, but it was worth it.

I like how Jafar's thoughts ramble, but still remain tightly controlled.

The flow and pacing are smooth; the descriptions are crisp; and I think you have Jafar's voice down pat -- smooth and smug and very sure of himself. I especially liked the scene where he thinks of Jasmine as a child. It feels different from the way other people would normally think of her, and at the same time, it also sounds so like Jafar to think that way.

Nicely done!

Author's response

Oh, thank you for such a lovely review! I really appreciate it.

This was written in response to a friend of mine asking me about Jafar/Jasmine, and it was intended to be a little, er... different from the Disney version, you could say? xD I think it's ended up twisting quite a few childhood memories along the way, mine included.

Thank you again for your review, and I'm glad you enjoyed.