Review for You're my what?

You're my what?

(#) thegreyone 2009-05-15

I love this story, chapters 1 through 6 (so far). I see it as a great variation from norm, and a future career in having Harry learn wand construction.

I fully support the bashing of Dumbledore and the Weasel clan, first, I see Dumbeldore as worse than Harry's relatives because he was aware of the abuse and even encouraged it, though unproven. Yes, this story does not say much of D's restrictions that were applied to Harry's magic.

Perhaps Dumbledore could be forced to go back and clean up the bad guys that he left loose after the first war, then moldyshorts would have a much smaller selection of killer thugs, thus fulfilling a suggestion earlier that the english clean up their own mess.

Perhaps Harry and his girls could learn to Pop from Dobby, to extend their travel abilities. Maybe even include mental communication between the husband/wives.