Review for Don't Tell Me I'm an Angel

Don't Tell Me I'm an Angel

(#) TrekkieMonster 2009-05-17

Albi, my love, your stories dazzle me. I can think of no greater hapiness than being at home craddling my laptop as I squeel with fangirlness. My heart is set ablaze with the fire of a thousand A1 white dwarfs. All thanks to you. Your fanfictions are the light in an otherwise pitch black nighttime world. They make me feel young again, and I want to read them forever and ever and ever. When you don't update...I feel as if you've gauged my heart out with a spork and left it in the middle of an intersection in Chinatown, and goats are stomping on it because they are mad I ate their leader. So, Albi, please update soon. And I will love you until the day I am electrocuted in my own room because I spill water in my outlet one too many times. And even after that, as I am rotting in a grave, my spirit will be re-reading this chapter and loving you with all its brain.


Forever yours,

Author's response

That was the romantic waste of time I've ever experienced.

It's the thought that counts, though.

Thanks, Trexx.