Review for You're my what?

You're my what?

(#) Terdwilicker 2009-05-23

This story was interesting. For one, you opted to position HP into SW France, along the Bay of Biscay, instead of going with the Cliche French Mansion nonsense. You also opted for wand crafting as his special skill, which has little written about it and made the story more interesting. Considering WHERE HP is now, your next story might involve the Basques (who have been living in SW France and Northern Spain for at least 5000 years and hold the oldest Republic on earth, which would imply a truly interesting and INTEGRATED mugggle-magical ministry, as well as experience dealing with terrorists during the 70's and 80's (ETA) like Voldemort. It would provide HP with some perspective on transitioning into peacetime, which the Basques have mostly done. And that's not even touching on their food, their colony in the rural Western USA, and continuing into your theme that "everyone else is more rational than the British". So if you do continue this, I hope some of these ideas take root.