Review for You're my what?

You're my what?

(#) Vilkath 2009-05-23

An interesting start with even more interesting idea's to follow. I always do love stories that put a little more effort into wand making then just stuffing random things in a stick and having people try them until something 'clicks'.

I do feel about half way through though the story went down hill a little bit in the 'solve every problem' trend far to many stories suffer from. Remus and Tonks are a happy couple just dying get married.. despite having next nothing in common and honestly no reason for the relationship work in long term. Playing on memory charms, drugged lemon drops etc to excuse the actions of many people in england another thing could of done with out.

Over all I just felt like the focus of the story went away from Harry and his life.. to almost everyone but him, really started with hermonie and her family but by chapter 5 or 6 it expanded to Remus, Tonks, Sirius and who ever. It's an over done trend that I dislike that if Harry gets a girl and is happily together with her.. suddenly everyone has to have a girlfriend, get married and have all their life problems solved.