Review for Class of the Titans: Land Of Dreams

Class of the Titans: Land Of Dreams

(#) Coffeebean 2006-08-30

Eros:Herry eh?Nah I dont think so,I've noticed when she watches the show or reads stories she starts drooling by the mention of Archie.Nut of corse that would kill lanny,she does it with Neil to though hmmm thanxs for the tipEros smile takes up his whole face
Coffeebean:Eros,are ou on my computer again?AKKK!MY COMPUTER!!!WHAT ARE YOU WRITING THIS TIME?!?!?!?!NO!!!!!STOP GIVING HIM IDEAS.
Eros:Oh you knew I would get you sometime Fee (F-ay)
Fee:I'm sleeping with a lock on my door tonight...

Author's response

lol ah as always, your reviews are enjoyable and funny to read. Very light-hearted, a perfect touch for me on a nothing-but-dreary miserable weekend. 'Tis a lovely way to end the holidays, no?

But anyway... hmm, Archie? I must admit I'm the same, but I'm favourable of the mohawk. I'm the type of person who adores sideburns, mohawks (like Archie's, that is!), blue eyes and of course the darkest of dark hair. Inspired a poem, actually.

Hmm, I dunno, Eros might be able to pick the lock with one of his arrows...? Oh no--- I just gave him another idea again, didn't I? Oops...