Review for The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

(#) wretchedmongrel 2006-08-31

This is a great story so far and I really enjoy it but I have one MASSIVE gripe.

As soon as possible could you please edit the summary to be definitive on whether or not this will be slash? I won't ask for pairings but homo-sexual material, especially when Harry is the homo, will put me off just about any story however well written. Thank you for your consideration.

It's a great story and this take on the prophecy is one I've never seen before so props! there.

Author's response

I can fully appreciate your concern and I have updated all of my summaries to reflect, in my mind, that there will be no focus on 'ships. Too much going on and all that rot. LOL. In any case, be at ease...this is not a 'ship fic.