Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) Cateagle 2009-05-30

First to the flashbacks, it's clear thats Steve and Tony have definitely shaped Harry, he's going into this with his eyes open and with as much information as possible and that's going to have some interesting on-going effects. I quite suspect that he's likely been doing some other research, too.

I like the way the diary problems were wrapped up early and I most certainly hope that Dumbles acts on this confirmation of what Tom's done to start dealing with the horcruxes earlier. I have to wonder how Harry's current situation is going to affect his relationships with Sirius and Remus, but it should be interesting to watch how things evolve. Meanwhile, Lucius has just been severely taught that "actions have consequences" and it's going to be very interesting to see if he survives, let alone if he still continues to support Tommy-boy. Too, I quite enjoyed the interactions between Filius and Xeno and I'd love to see more of that particular backstory.

Now, what Harry's attmepting should be very interesting just of itself, but I rather suspect that the spin-offs of this are going to have an even greater effect on the wizarding world; I almost feel sorry for those who don't see the potential and are going to be heavily blindsided by what develops. I do wonder how Severus will take it if Harry Stark eventually shows up with a totally magical version of his Datapad? I can see where magic could make for some very interesting effects.

Author's response

- A young man is a collection of his experiences and the examples he chooses to follow. In this reality, Harry is lucky in both.

- The remainder of year 2 and most of year three will be dedicated to the relationship he is forming with his birth parent's friends (and the project) with a short intermission for Neville visiting over the summer before Harry visits Neville.

- Lucius' bad evening was generated by two things, first I wanted someone (anyone) to respond to the direct provocation that the Elder Malfoy provided. In canon all that was done was Dumbledore warned him against doing it again. Second, I've made Draco all too reasonable and I needed an impetus to drive him into his father's corner. Only time will tell if this will do it, because, sadly, Draco is adlibbing like mad in my head, and refuses to be the ass we all love to hate in this story...