Review for The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

(#) Traveller 2006-08-31

Loved your story... up till tis chapter, that is.
Sorry, but you just fell into so many cliches (and bad ones at that, good cliches is another thing)it's not even funny anymore.
What was it, 6 heir rings? that's just overkill. Magical reserves, and then some more magical reserve when he had just become very powerfull already? Overkill again.
I'm going to keep reading, because like I said, I enjoyed the previous chapters, but I somewhat fear for the future.
Too leave on a positive note though, I did enjoy the Neville sideline.


Author's response

With so many stories being written about the Harry potter 'verse what was once original has become common, and therefore cliche. I do my best to present as many original ideas as possible, but hey, a little cliche is unavoidable. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Cheers!