Review for The Black Parade Is Almost Dead

The Black Parade Is Almost Dead

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-06-01

Wait..was there actually a news story??


Author's response

Yes, The Daily Mail ran a couple of stories on what they say is 'Emo' and one particular one where MCR got the blame for a girl committing suicide (on the basis of 1 line from Welcome To The Black Parade). The article said that they were 'one of the foremost of the 'suicide cults''.

It's tragic that the girl hanged herself, she must have been unimaginably miserable and I can totally understand the family wanting to blame someone else. Perhaps they believe it, or maybe it was just a chance remark.

Of course, the accusations are ridiculous, but I guess that's what happens when newspapers report without fully researching the topic. But they should remember that they have a responsibility to report facts not rumour.

Here's the story:

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