Review for Frerard One Shot

Frerard One Shot

(#) frerard_is_love 2009-06-10

HOLY CRAP this was posted like nearly a month ago?! WHY AM I ONLY JUST READING IT NOW!!?? God damn, like seriously WOW. Sorry, lost for words. Let me just have an emotional/mental and hormonal release. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!!!!!!
- Thats how good it is =P


P.S: I hope your happy your writing skills make me feel like a big fat turd Lolz

Author's response

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

calm the fuck down or do i have to sit on you -__- hehe

im glad you liekd it ^^

which is awesomeful in lots of fabulous ways that i could eat a rainbow ^^ whoops sorry rainbow dream there....drools dam it did it again!!

a big fat turd what the hell hahahahahah that made me laugh out loud for real!!!!

i luffle you like a luffle thingie ^^ yaaaay random words wooo wooo


xoxo Lottie oxox hugs