Review for Escape


(#) ShadowSerpent 2006-08-31

Greetings! I'm not too good with reviews, so this is primarily to say congrats with the story. I love it. It's very easy to see how some characters are doing what they are doing, and how easily (or not).

Eg. Molly Weasley; sends Harry food (potions anyone?) and cooks the Order meals (again, can you say potions? poor Dumbledore incidentally).

T'is this ease to connect certain parts, while making the rest suitably mysterious, that I feel helps makes it such a good story. Of course, the rest is simply the fact that it is such a brilliant idea and is well written, appealing to all those particular spots a good story generally hits.
Anyhow, toodles!

Author's response

Thanks for the review and nice words. I appreciate you taking the time to review.