Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) frerard_is_love 2009-06-11

Wowzio, i loved this!! ^^ like, A LOT.
These guys actually sound like how me and my friends are, except for the hating my chem. and the lesbian. tho some of my friends are bi, lol.


Author's response

Thanks for reviewing! XD

I tried to base it off of almost every conversation me and my band have had. case I forgot to mention it(because I do that a LOT) everything that involves TMD is true. Except the touring with My Chem(I would absolutely DIE if I had a good way XD). The songs are ours, the people are ours(except Jeremy and Maggie) so really..there's only three of us in the band but whatever it's fiction XD